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My little kitty was very round and lazy. I didn't have the time to play with him. So I got him the PawPal and he's much more active and is losing weight rapidly. - Maryline, NZ

PawPal - Electronic Rolling Ball

PawPal - Electronic Rolling Ball

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  • Keeps cats healthy and agile
  • Rids cats of the midnight crazies
  • Reduces destructive behaviour

30 day money back guarantee

With its ingenious rolling design, PawPal is the ultimate playmate for your furry friend, combining endless entertainment with practical benefits for both you and your beloved cat.
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Feline Fun Unleashed

With its innovative rolling design, PawPal sets the stage for endless entertainment. Your cats eyes will light up as they chase, pounce, and bat at this captivating rolling ball. It's more than just a toy; it's a dynamic playmate that keeps your furry friend engaged and happy.

Stimulates natural instincts

The unpredictability of its movement stimulates your cat's natural hunting instincts, providing mental and physical exercise. As your cat chases PawPal around, it not only burns off energy but also helps reduce stress and anxiety.

Helps lazy cats

Cats, when left sedentary, face a range of health issues and behavioral problems. Obesity, lethargy, and stress are among the common symptoms. PawPal steps in as a solution to these concerns by offering an engaging and interactive play experience.

Veterinarian approved

Veterinarians approve of play toys as they release the energy that cats often store but never free. When this energy isnt released through playtime, cats can become destructive and rough with owners.

  • Of our customres reported that their pets had lost weight and became more agile using PawPal.

  • Of our customers reported that their pets lazy behaviour had decreased or ended after using PawPal.

  • Of our customers reported that their furry pets had less of those "night-time crazies" that many cat owners experience.

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How will I know if my cat will like it?

Cats are instinctively drawn to moving objects. PawPal isn't just a ball, its an electronic automatic rolling ball that flings itself around. Your cat is almost guaranteed to love playing with it.

Whats inside it?

PawPal functions from small but powerful gyroscopic movements that don't require any manual movement or touch.

Where can I use it?

You can place the PawPal on any surface. Flat and smooth surfaces work better than rough ones such as thick carpet. But you can still use PawPal effectively on thin carpets.

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